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frequently asked questions

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  • How many hours does The Good Guys Wedding Band play for?

    The standard band performance time is 3 hours for the full band, 2 hours for the Jazz Duo during the cocktail reception and 2 hours for the DJ service.

  • Do you learn special song requests for us?

    The Good Guys Wedding Band can rehearse and learn a new song, which is not currently on the set-list. Just ask!

  • Can I see musicians performing live?

    The Good Guys Wedding Band frequently perform at regular live shows in Dublin.

  • Are The Good Guys Wedding Band 100% LIVE?

    The band do NOT play any CD's, Tapes or backing tracks at any time. We are proud to confirm that The Good Guys Wedding Band are 100% LIVE.

  • What is your booking procedure?

    Please Note: A date can only be confirmed with receipt of a 100% refundable booking deposit (up until 6 months before your big day). The band are booked on a first-come basis - the first deposit received blocks the date.

    Once a couple decide to confirm a date, you will receive a 'Confirmation' email along with a booking form for completion. The email outlines the various payment options for the deposit and the booking form requests all details for the event. The deposit remains the same regardless of services confirmed. Once the deposit is received, your date is blocked from the band’s calendar and a receipt will be issued to you.

  • What instruments are in the band?

    4-piece Band : Drums, Bass, Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals. The Jazz Duo : Piano, Double Bass

  • Can you hold dates provisionally?

    Each week we receive a huge volume of enquires, often receiving multiple enquiries for the same date, so we are unable to hold dates on a provisional basis. For this reason, the band are booked on a first-come basis - the first deposit received blocks the date.

    Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer first refusal or inform all interested parties that somebody else would like to book the same date. The deposit is FULLY REFUNDABLE up until 6 months before your wedding date , so if you are worried about losing out on a date to another party, then this might be a good option for you!

  • Do you play waltz sets?

    Yes! The Good Guys Wedding Band can easily include waltz sets during their performance. They’ll also play jive and rock and roll, which are sure to keep the oldies happy! Having said that, they have no problem omitting this style of music from their set on the night…you decide!

  • Will the band be too loud?

    Absolutely not! The musicians are very concerned about the volume and always ensure the sound pleasing to the ear. The sound level can be very easily adjusted and the band do consider the venue size, guests numbers, function etc when setting the volume.

  • Any tips for us before we book our band?

    Yes indeed!

    Please Please Please be wary of companies currently offer wedding bands whose members may only be meeting for the first time on the night of your wedding!

    They say that the band you select for the wedding night is of paramount importance. Imagine booking a band for your amazing day, but then a different band shows up. Perhaps, fortunately, it's the same singer you liked at the showcase, but the band is entirely different to what you saw, comprising of musicians who have never met before that moment. This 'band' will call themselves the same name as another 'band' who are playing at another wedding on the same night as yours. And another wedding. A fleet of bands with one name, each comprised of, well, whoever's free. Incredibly, this is happening all the time.

    The Good Guys are an actual BAND. They are four people who've known each other for years and played together a thousand times! There is no substitute for the tight, bonded quality of a band who live and breathe each other’s playing and have done so at countless gigs.

We have put together a list of some of our most commonly asked questions, however if you have any other queries not answered here please feel free to contact us.

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“From the start of the correspondence, we have had nothing but professionalism from you, which was a refreshing change from other bands!”

Roy & Yvonne,
Summerhill House Hotel